Gifting is one of the highlights for Christmas but it can be stressful at the same time. Why? Because it is the time of the year where we will crack our heads and ask that one AMAZIN’ question…“Oh, deer! What gifts to get for our loved ones?”. 

As the saying goes, keep calm and carry on, we got your back. Here is a Santa wish list prepared just for you!

Gifts For Your Friends

  • For the party pleaser: Festive Granola Variety Gift Box
  • Our Festive Granola Variety Gift Box comes with Amazin’ Granola Bites in assorted flavors! Our granola has always been a classic and essentials that can never go wrong. No matter how diverse your group of friends is, this will surely satisfy and never disappoint. On top of that, it can be added on to any healthy meals such as milk, yogurt, or your go to acai bowl. Who doesn’t like an extra kick of flavor and crunch to their food?


  • To the “I like to try new things”: Embroidery Kit
  • Deerfolks has a range of Embroidery Kits which are perfect if you are looking for handmade gifts that hold more santa-mental value. Not only can it be a Christmas ornament to hang on your Christmas tree, but it can also be a wall art or simply an enjoyable activity to let your friend try out a new hobby.

  • Specifically for the Zen soul: Scented Candles 
  • To set the mood and ambience of Christmas, candles will always be in the picture. A—kyndle allows customers to create their personalized candles with three easy steps here. Scents help to evoke pleasant feelings and capture something special between you and your friend. You can now customise the candle to your friend’s preference which makes the gift extra unique and personal.

    Gifts For Your Family

  • For the Nuthead: Festive Nut Butter Gift Box
  • Amazin’ Graze Nut Butter is well-loved by the young and old generation including pet friends too! They are so versatile, be it spreading on toast, making a smoothie, or eating on it’s own. The Festive Nut Butter Gift box comes in a liquid form with a diverse array of flavors. It’s the perfect one gift for everyone to indulge.

  • For the greenfingers in the family: Plant Kit
  • 2021 definitely did turn almost everyone into an indoor farmer expert. If you do not have green fingers, fret not as Super Farmers do provide plant kits that are easy to start your farming journey. It is a great activity for all age groups to kickstart as a hobby or as an interesting family bonding activity. On top of that, you can harvest it and the greens can be cooked for meals too!

  • To the gaming enthusiast: Board Games
  • Board games are certainly an activity that can’t be missed! Create beautiful and memorable 

    Board games encourage gathering and unity. With this, tfortoys offers many affordable board games that are suitable for families.

    Gifts For Your Partners

  • Festive Snack Gift Box
  • One of the ways to show love to your partner is to be thoughtful, not only one aspect but cares for his/her whole wellbeing. Amazin’ Graze Snack Gift Box is a wholesome package consisting of a healthy nut mix for the body, brownie chips to satisfy the sweet tooth cravings, granola bites which are the essentials, and a tea towel that is a tangible gift. It will be an Amazin’ storage canister to store you and your partner’s physical memories in the future.

  • Bottled Brew
  • Cafe CoCo released a range of seasonal bottled brews in Christmas festive flavors. Not only it is for your partner, the family members get to share the brew together. Sleigh this Christmas with making a fa-la-la-la-lasting first impression when you attend family Christmas party!

  • Matcha Kit
  • To care for your partner’s health, matcha is an Amazin’ option to replace the usual coffee. Craft Tea Fox serves high-quality matcha kit from Japan which contain health benefits and taste delicious. With the kit, it will create opportunity to spend the morning hour and start your day with your other half.

    You snow the drill...Amazin’ Graze Ultimate Christmas Collection (Festive Snack Box, Festive Granola Variety Box, Festive Nut Butter Box) are made to suit everyone! Get the final sleigh by gifting all three gift boxes!