Get crafty with our Festive Snack Box!

Our Festive Snack Box is too adorable to throw away, so what can we do with it instead? Get crafty and upcycle! 

Upcycling has tremendous environmental and personal benefits. By repurposing old items such as packaging, furniture and clothes, we’re helping to reduce the waste that goes into landfills. We are saving materials that can be transformed into other useful things. Put your creative, nifty thinking cap on with us and let’s get crafty!

Turn our Festive Snack Box into a Magical Kitchen Roll Dispenser. A kitchen roll fits perfectly inside and this crafty idea keeps the packaging intact, making it the perfect home decor. It’s too pretty to throw away, so show it off and watch everybody compliment your DIY skills. Here’s a step-by-step video guide to repurposing our Festive Snack Box into an attention-grabbing Kitchen Roll Dispenser.


Things you’ll need:

  • Knife cutter
  • Ruler

Safety note: this crafty idea involves a sharp tool, so please be extra careful.

Here are some more ideas to help you repurpose our Festive Snack Box:

  • To store stationery items
  • A keepsake box for your future self to open (or with your friends!)
  • A vase holder
  • Turn it into a drum/tambourine 
  • A phone basket for the no-phones-at-the-table rule at your Christmas party
  • An emergency period kit in your bathroom

The possibilities are endless! How will you repurpose our Festive Snack Box? Make sure you share your upcycling projects and be sure to tag us at @amazingrazesg! We’d love to see all the different ways our snack boxes have lived on.