Have you ever asked yourself what holidays mean to you? Is it a time for you to reset, focus on yourself, or an occasion for you to catch up with your family? To us, holiday is the best opportunity to create memories with our loved ones and this holiday is particularly special as we focus on recreating wonders and memories after the pandemic. Our Christmas Gift Boxes were hence created with the intention to help everyone recreate the wonders of Christmas through memories and here is how:


A home means so much more than just a house. It also represents emotional and spiritual attachments someone has for their house. To make a house a home, making meaningful memories is crucial and this holiday season is the best time to do so. First, creating the right atmosphere is important as it sets the mood for the gathering. Start by putting up your Christmas tree or any cozy and festive decorations, play your favourite vibey playlist (we recommend: Amazin' Christmas Playlist) and light your favourite candle. Second, lay out your favourite snacks and get everyone together for some fun games and activities. Some of our favourite activities to do using our products are:

  • Celebrating occasions and snacking on festive snacks together.
  • Making Christmas recipes together- we love using our Amazin’ Graze products as they are so versatile to use and yummy to indulge. 
  • Get crafty with our 2021 Amazin’ Graze festive canisters and gift boxes. A perfect way to upcycle these packaging.

Recipe ideas: Vegan Linzer Cookies with our Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Filling (Left) and Grazing Board with our Pandan Coconut Nut Mix & Coconut Kaya Granola (Right)


Our snacks are going to be your trusty companion this Christmas. The mini snacks in our Festive Snack Box and Festive Granola Variety Box are so compact and convenient to carry around, sure to get your tummy sorted when you’re out and about! As good food never fails to bring people together, slot it in your bags and share it with your family and friends for an amazin’ time together. You’ll never have to deal with any hangry companion this Christmas! 

Amazin’ Graze’s Minis- The best on-the-go snack

The Perfect Gift of Health 

As health is wealth and bet we have all learnt that nothing matters more than a healthy mind and body by now, we believe that the best gift to give this year is a gift with the essence of health. Be it as a hostess gift or for gift exchange, our magical festive gift boxes are the perfect gift of health! 

Amazin’ Graze Festive Collection 2021- The Perfect Gift of Health

Holiday will not be complete without good food and good company but more importantly, a good mood. As they say, you are what you eat. We believe that good nutritious food directly translates to how we feel. Hence choose your snacks wisely and if you’re looking for amazin’ real food, you know where to look! Our all-natural and wholesome snacks will never fail to create joy and to empower you and your loved ones this holiday season and beyond.