As part of our New Years campaign, Amazin’ Graze is focusing on taking small steps into creating long lasting healthy habits. To help us out, we interviewed our friends within the health community to gain insight into their daily routines. Our second interview is with a local yogi and entrepreneur, Jasmine Chong from Yoga Lab. Having founded Yoga Lab, a boutique yoga studio with two branches in Singapore, Jasmine knows a thing or two about maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Can you introduce yourself and how you founded Yoga Lab

I am Jasmine and I am the founder of Yoga Lab. I was previously in the banking industry and had a horrible lifestyle. That phase of my life taught me the importance of health. I have always loved yoga and was teaching yoga while I was working. I had dreams of opening my own studio for as long as I can remember but I never had the courage to 'step out' of the rigid grid that is the Singapore system.

When I finally decided to quit, it was a breath of fresh air. It was so liberating to be pursuing my passion. I taught yoga full time for about 2-3 years after I left my job. And then went on to open Yoga Lab in May 2016 with the intention of creating a space for practitioners to experiment for themselves what a yoga practice can do for them. It was a dream come true.

How do you keep fit? What workouts do you do?

I used to only do yoga. I have only recently started doing barre.

What does yoga mean to you? 

Yoga represents my dream, my never ending journey to self-discovery. I have learnt so much about myself through yoga.

What’s a typical breakfast for you?

Coffee. Lemon Water. Sometimes an avocado toast.

 How do you like to snack?

I don't usually snack. I go for full meals! But when I don't have time for a full meal, I boil 2 eggs and eat the egg white.

Which if your favourite Amazin’ Graze product and why?

My favourite is the Tom Yum Kaffir Lime Nut Mix because I love anything Tom Yum flavoured and the Blueberry Goji Coconut Granola because it's subtle with the right amount of flavor without being overwhelming!

Find out more about the Yoga Lab at or at @yogalab._ on Instagram!