This Christmas, we bring the magic to life with the help of our Christmas artist, Whimsy Whimsical. Our Christmas editioned snacks are beautifully illustrated by Yee Von from Whimsy Whimsical - and all by hand! Everything you see on our Christmas range was inspired by Christmas scenes and magical animals… Get to know the amazing Yee Von behind all these magical illustrations!



1. What does your illustrations represent?

A world that is loving, harmony and peace. It has woodland characters that care and love each other, despite their differences. I usually include foxes, bears, owls and hedgehogs - though I added the magical reindeer in this series because it’s Christmas! 


2. What does 'WhimsyWhimsical' mean, or what is it inspired by?

'Whimsy' and 'Whimsical' are the noun and adjective for the idea of being playful and quirky. My woodland animals were created when I was thinking about love-giving while playing with strokes and dots - which ended up becoming the key to the animals' body fur. The first illustration I created for Whimsy Whimsical was a sweet shy fox giving a flower to another fox.


3. When did your illustration career all start?

It all started back in August 2010 when I was in the midst of finishing my Master of Communication Design in Australia. I was encouraged by a lecturer who saw something in my drawings, which was unexplainable by words. It was a turning point in my life and I took a leap of faith to step onto a path that's true to my passion, rather than work a regular 9-5. It was like a roller coaster ride ever since.


4. What was the inspiration behind the animals and scene of AG Christmas 2019?

The whole idea was woodland animals coming together to celebrate the spirit of Christmas, which to me is all about spending time with each other (and of course enjoying big Christmas feasts together). Hence, some animals were depicted making their way through the snowy path and land, carrying gifts while some were busy baking and "nut picking" - all getting ready for the big gathering together under the big Christmas Tree. The ingredients had also become part of the Christmas ornaments which was fun for people to discover them.


5. What does art mean to you?

As an introvert, art is an outlet for me to express my inner self: my inspirations, feelings, and aspirations. That's "my voice" to the world. Thereupon, seeing how people resonate with my art is an echo I received.


6. What do you like most about being an artist/illustrator?

To be able to create. Witnessing an intangible idea turning into a tangible form and being part of the process is a fulfilling enjoyment. It's fun to get a new brief and develop them into an end product.


7. What gives you the most joy?

To see people delighted with the things I've created. I love receiving their response to my illustrations and products, it brings so much meaning to both me and my creation!


8. What's your favourite part about Christmas?

The spirit of gift-giving; whether it's physical gifts or time spent together. Somehow people are extra generous this time of the year to express their appreciation, like "thank you for everything for this year and I wish you all the best for next year". Some are working very hard throughout the other 11 months and this is the month when they'll take an extra timeout to rest and spend time with people they love. This is what I love about Christmas. 


9.Your favourite Christmas product from AG's Christmas 2019?

Of course, it's the Merry Gift Box, hahaha! I obviously love it so much! I’ve had tons of feedback from family and friends who tell me they love it just as much too! 



Thanks to Whimsy Whimsical who brought our vision to life! Our incredible Christmas 2019 collection is now available, along with a limited-edition tumbler when you purchase 2 Merry Gift Box