Everything you need to know about Protein, and why is everyone obsessed with it.

Why is it so important?

Protein, also known as the building blocks of life, serves many functions in the body. For one, protein gives you energy, especially on occasions where you’re fasting, reducing your calorie intake or doing exhaustive exercises. In addition, It plays a big part in the growth and maintenance of the body - it builds muscle and helps make and repair cells.

What happens if I don’t get enough?

As a way to preserve more vital tissues and functions, the body takes protein from skeletal muscles, resulting in muscle wasting. Since protein is a major component of bones, skin, hair, and nails in the form of collagen and keratin, insufficient amounts of it may increase the likeliness of bone fractures as well as brittle nails and hair. Deficiency in children is especially harmful because it can stunt their growth. 

Can it help me lose weight?

Yes! It boosts your metabolism and makes you burn more calories due to its high thermic effect. It also reduces your appetite. Compared to carbohydrates, it takes longer for proteins to digest, which makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time. 

 Where can I get it?

Animal products - meat, eggs, milk, poultry and fish - are sources of protein that are complete. Plant-based sources - legumes, nuts, whole grains and vegetables - are good sources of protein but may lack one or more essential amino acids. An alternative source of protein would be protein powders.

 Why choose Amazin' Graze Plant-Based Protein? 

It’s a complete protein source! Our Plant-Based Protein is formulated to meet all your essential amino acid requirements while catering to most diets. It contains superfoods that are rich in antioxidants and fibre as opposed to animal-based protein powders that have few to no nutrients. It also contains probiotics - good bacteria that keep the body balanced and healthy.

 Can I drink protein shakes even if I don’t workout?
(Can women drink protein shakes?)

100% Yes! They're a convenient source of protein for many, including those who are always on the go. Protein shakes are extremely easy and quick to prepare. It also helps people who can’t get sufficient protein from food alone to meet their daily protein requirements. However, always remember that protein shakes are not meant to replace whole protein sources!

 What is the difference between whey protein and plant-based protein?

Simply put, whey protein is made from a byproduct of cheese. It contains lactose, so it may not be suitable for people who have sensitive stomachs or those who are lactose-intolerant. Plant-based protein is derived entirely from one plant or multiple plants. It caters to a much broader diet due to its lack of lactose and animal byproducts. Another significant difference would be the presence of nutrients like fibre here, which helps with digestion.

 What are amino acids and why do I want them in my protein?

Categorised into essential and non-essential, amino acids are the building blocks of protein. The body needs about 20 different amino acids, 9 of which are essential amino acids for producing hormones, proteins and neurotransmitters. Essential amino acids can only be obtained through our diet. As well as producing energy, they repair tissues in the body, help with nutrient absorption, regulate blood sugar levels, and so much more! 

 The bottom line is...

Protein is something that is just too valuable to not care about. However, we understand that reaching your daily recommended intake of it may be challenging. But just know, if you're ever looking for a way to get that daily dose of protein while enjoying an exquisite taste, our Superfood Blend Plant-Based Proteins are always here! ;)