Binge watching Netflix is probably on everyone's to-do list right now and we've selected these must-watch health documentaries that offer a really interesting perspective, including everything from making better food choices to thought-provoking conversations about vulnerability, and the healing power of the mind.

There has been a radical shift in regards to the focus we put on our health and what it truly means to be healthy. These days it’s not impossible to change your outlook overnight after simply watching what’s available on our favourite streaming services.

Not all documentaries are perfect or unbiased, of course, but we selected these 5 documentaries, which we personally feel are some of the most thought-provoking that you can stream right now! Happy weekend!


The Game Changers

 This documentary stars well-known figures and athletes including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Novak Djokovic! It really throws the whole "do vegans get enough protein?" debate out the window, and challenges the way society looks at meat, sports and nutrition. It focuses on how plant-based food can heighten athletic performances and improve overall wellness. Showcasing interviews with various top athletes and respected scientists, this documentary is likely to stir interest of a vegan lifestyle.



What if I told you, you could simply think yourself to be healthy? This documentary explores the power of the mind when it comes to health, from spirituality to the science behind the placebo effect. From thoughts and beliefs to the state of our emotions, our minds do have an impact on the way that the body works. Featuring interviews with celebrity names, this documentary will have any viewer wondering just how much of an affect what think can have on how we feel.



Forks Over Knives

This documentary advocates for a whole-foods, plant-based diet in order to prevent and even reverse major illness, with a focus on avoiding oils, processed foods, and of course, animal products. While this is clearly a documentary with a message, rather than an interest in providing both sides of a story, it's one that will definitely make anyone think about how the food we eat can affect health!



This is actually a documentary series, and one that is as much food documentary as it is a health documentary. However, the two topics are inextricably linked, and this is a great series to show just how deep and emotional our relationship with food can be. It explores not just the history of food and agriculture, but the rise in gluten intolerance, and the processed food industry, and will encourage all viewers to get back in the kitchen and develop a deeper connection to our food.


What The Health

This controversial documentary explores the biggest conspiracy in our food industry today - animal products. They examine the link between diet and disease, and the billions of dollars at stake in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food industries. In the spirit of so many food documentaries and diet books that have come before, What the Health promises us there is one healthy way to eat. And it involves cutting all animal products from our diet.


Happy watching, let us know what you think in the comments below! While you're watching these documentaries, do not forget to snack healthier too so you don't put on those couch-potato weight. Put aside processed food, check out some of our favourite TV snacks here!