What does protein actually do for me?

Dry skin is a common condition that affects all ages. On a daily basis we are told through subliminal messages and advertisements that the solution to this is expensive skincare, beauty center visits and home remedies with exotic ingredients. But perhaps the secret lies in our diet? 

A “healthy diet” is also one of the common phrases in these advertisement messages. But you may not be told the specific nutrients you need for plump skin. Consuming a well balanced nutritious diet makes your skin healthy and glowing along with delaying the signs of aging. Out of all the nutrients present out there, protein is something that our body cells are made up of. Inadequate levels of protein in the body, tends to impact our skin first. Protein deficiency in the body can lead to red, flaky, puffy skin with depigmentation which will leave it dull and dry.

Protein is a repairing agent that provides strength, structural support and sheen to your skin. Where elastin and collagen fibers form the framework of the skin, they also contribute in keeping it healthy and firm. On one hand where keratin helps to keep the skin firm, collagen and elastin makes the skin smooth along with improving its elasticity.

How do I know I have a protein deficiency?

Along with dry skin, you could experience:

  1. An increased appetite for protein as the body tries to stimulate protein intake
  2. Weakness
  3. Fatigue
  4. Muscle wasting, also known as muscle atrophy 
  5. Thinning hair
  6. Brittle nails 
  7. Flaky skin

Are there long term effects to a protein deficiency?

Yes, in fact the effects can be quite serious and detrimental. You may experience:

  1. Liver failure
  2. Stunted growth
  3. Weak and thin bones 
  4. Loss of muscle mass
  5. Harder to keep your balance
  6. Slowed metabolism
  7. Anemia

How do I increase my protein intake?

The most efficient way is to pack protein into a meal and in snacks throughout the day. 

Full Meals:

  1. Protein Granola
  2. High Protein Chocolate Banana Instant Oatmeal


  1. Hummus Chips

We also have plant based protein powder that come in two flavours which are vanilla protein powder and chocolate protein powder for you to try out!

Source: Insider.com & Wedmd.com